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The BSC and Mariposa

Many of our members along with the general public often get confused with the difference between the Barrie Skating Club (BSC) and the Mariposa School of Skating (Mariposa). The BSC is a non-profit Skate Canada sanctioned skating club which has been instructing Barrie’s youth for over 60 years. The BSC offers learn to skate – CanSkate programs as developed by Skate Canada for all those wishing to learn the skill of skating whether it be recreational, hockey, or figure skating. In addition to the CanSkate programs, the BSC offers more advanced sessions for those who have completed the CanSkate program and wish to further their figure skating skills, moving through Skate Canada’s junior, intermediate, and senior levels. For hockey enthusiasts, the BSC offers a number of Powerskating sessions throughout the year. The BSC’s various programs run from 4:00 pm to about 7 or 8:00 pm Monday to Friday and on Sundays.


The Mariposa school of skating is a privately owned, world renowned skating school which has trained some of Canada’s, and the world’s, finest skaters, including names such as Brian Orser, Elvis Stojko, Jeffery Buttle, and dance teams such as Alexandra Paul and Mitchell Islam, along with current Canadian junior pairs champions Hayleigh Bell and Alistair Sylvester. Skaters from across Canada and the world move to Barrie in order to train with some of the worlds best coaches. Mariposa operates out of its office in the Allandale Recreation Centre from the hours of 6:30 am to 3:30 pm.


Graciously, the Mariposa School of Skating donates some of its office space and staff time to the BSC, which results in some of our email communication overlap. We are grateful, as a non-profit organization, that the Mariposa admin team is so gracious with their time and assistance ... and this is why from time to time, you will receive emails regarding BSC business from a Mariposa email address! The BSC is also fortunate to have this relationship with Mariposa as many of our coaches, also coach at Mariposa, and many of our competitive skaters attend Mariposa in order to hone their skills and train with some of the world’s finest skaters and coaches. In fact a large number of the BSC’s CanSkate program assistants that parents see helping their young skaters, either currently train or have trained at Mariposa. In addition, Mariposa offers a 5 week evening program in both the Spring and Fall that piggy-backs onto our regular BSC program, allowing our skaters who would like to begin skating In September, or continue skating in April and early May, the opportunity for additional training time.


Many residents of Barrie do not realize how fortunate we all are to have these two organizations working in unison to train some of Canada’s, and the world’s finest skaters. Next time you are at the Allandale Recreation Centre’s Blue Rink, have a look at the west wall opposite the stands and see the names of all the world class skaters that have trained in Barrie!

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