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Welcome to Junior! This level is designed for skaters who have completed their CanSkate training, and are looking to further their skills in figure skating. As a Junior Skater, you are now part of Skate Canada's StarSkate program. The links below will provide you with some of the information that will help you as you move from CanSkate to STARSkate!

Juniors skate 2 nights per week for 75 min each night. You will again be divided into groups, by level, as you were in CanSkate. While the Junior program continues to offer group lessons, many skaters at this level begin to work with a private coach as well. This is an individual decision to be made by each athlete and parent. 

As a Junior, you will have the opportunity to complete tests in the StarSkate stream (progressive badges, similar to the design of CanSkate, but now divided into disciplines). For more information on testing and badges in StarSkate, please Contact us or talk to your private coach.

The last new opportunity for Juniors is to compete in some entry-level competitions that are designed for fun! Skaters interested in doing competitions will need to have a private coach, as they will need to put together a free-skate program. Most new Juniors start out by competing in the Barrie Skating Club competition and from there, progress on to Area and Invitational Competitions. For more information on Competitions, contact us. or your private coach.



For our Pre-Junior and Junior skaters, we have added an off-ice Jump class for all skaters registered.  Off Ice Jump Class provides an excellent opportunity to work on figure skating jump technique that skaters learn on the ice.  Please meet our coach at Dressing Room D door, near Zamboni door on the First day (see schedule below)

If your skater is a Hockey/Ringette player and have registered for the Junior program to enhance your skating skills, this off-ice class is geared to figure skating jumping technique, however your skater is welcome to join, as this off-ice class will benefit your skaters Balance and Control and coordination on the ice.


On-Ice 4:00-5:15

Off-Ice 5:25-5:55 (meet coach by Zamboni Door)


Off-Ice 4:55-5:25 (meet coach by Zamboni Door)

On-Ice 5:35-6:50

If you are interested in private lessons please view this our coaching team page, to see our coaching team that is available for private lessons.  Once you decide on a coach you will contact them directly to arrange lessons.

Please refer to your program schedule for any information you may need through the season.

If you have any questions please email for more information.